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Pearls Chrome Extension – Highlights stored sets of words.

Monday, April 12th, 2010

There are many web pages that contains big lists of information constantly updated. As someone would repeatedly search for a set of interesting words that also could be a large set, it would be interesting to save those words and automatically search for them when the web page is updated or visited. Back when IRC was used as an keep-updated-tool, this feature was called THE NoTifY LiST. Here I’m calling it Pearls, for some reason (I’ll find out which someday). The current features are:

  1. Set of Words saved for each site
  2. One set of words saved for all sites
  3. Auto-highlights matching words on every visit and page update
  4. Shows hits counter on extension icon

It can be installed directly through Google chrome’s extension gallery here.

Currently, it is not working in sites with frames. So Gmail and Google Reader, unfortunately, won’t be correctly highlighted. Also, you should reload your pages after installing the extension. (Nothing better than a restart here and there…).

The following features are planned for version 2:

  1. Keyboard shortcut to call the popup
  2. Separated counters for each word
  3. Separated keyboard navigation for each word
  4. Different colors

A Wordpress Plugin to Exclude Categories from the Frontpage

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Some categories just don’t deserve the frontpage! So… Exclud’em All :D

Sean O’Steen developed a plugin for this and I have added a configuration page for it under the “Options” menu.

You can download this new version here.

mimeTeX: LaTeX Math for Wordpress

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

This Wordpress plugin allows you to embed \LaTeX math formulas into your posts without having LaTeX installed at your server. Just like this:

\normalsize     f(x)=\int\limits_{-\infty}^x~e^{-t^2}dt

It was originally developed by Anlak.

The plugin just downloads the image from the public cgi script in Forkosh and copies it to your wp-content/cache.

I modified the plugin to correct two problems: the cgi script url has changed and there were some problems with tags and characters encoding. For the first issue I placed a script in my page that will keep the url updated without changes in the plugin code.

You can download this new version here.

Installation procedure:

  1. Copy both file to your “/wp-content/plugins”-folder.
  2. Create the folder “/wp-content/cache” and chmod it to 777.
  3. Go to the administration interface. In Plugins, activate it.


Some other examples:

\normalsize     f(x)=\int\limits_{-\infty}^x~e^{-t^2}dt

 \Large\hspace{5}\unitlength{1}    \picture(175,100){~(50,50){\circle(100)}    (1,50){\overbrace{\line(46)}^{4$\;\;a}}    (52,50){\line(125)}~(50,52;115;2){\mid}~(52,55){\longleftar[60]}    (130,56){\longrightar[35]}~(116,58){r}~(c85,50;80;2){\bullet}    (c85,36){3$-q}~(c165,36){3$q}    (42,29){\underbrace{\line(32)}_{1$a^2/r\;\;\;}}~}