About me

Hello! I was Master Student of Computer Science at UNICAMP and an Operations Research Analyst at Petrobras, and I am still proud of it! I was involved with an operations research project for Timetabling and Scheduling for Urban Transport and I have faced a very complex oil pipeline scheduling problem. I have also opened a company with friends and worked developing Intranet and Internet software for big enterprises. So, I do have some theoric interests, but I’m always searching for practical applications. Since, as you can see in my cv, now I am working at Google.

Some facts about me:

  • You can find me in Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • I’m Linux user, but not addicted! I do some Windows rehab now and then. (for games, mostly. (Isn’t that also an addiction?)).
  • I think open source can save lives. At least, It has saved mine at work a few times.
  • I love Paintings, Books, Codes, Musics, Movies, Foods, Drinks, Perfumes…
  • Yes! My name is really Tony. It’s not Antonio or Antony.
  • No! I’m not japanese. As many other brazilian, I’m a mix of races.
  • Maybe, these facts aren’t enough… So, check out my CV and contact me.